Lucas Miles

Lucas Miles Vintage 63' Vibroverb

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Lucas Miles Vintage 63' Vibroverb
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 "Hi Dean,..Got the amp safe and sound! Thanks. I haven't been able to give it a run through cranked but what a beautiful amp. Stunning workmanship Dean. It sounds incredible. And that was only a 10 minute blow. Can't wait to gig it. I've been playing tweeds for years an was disappointed by the VVRI. It was a mistake ,solid state rectifier, cheap speakers and biased all wrong. Your amp is like an original and the RI should've been. Can wait to really get to know it.  All the very best and thanks."

& later  "Incredible amplifier. thoroughly professional " ......D. Shaw.  Nth Narrabeen NSW.

The Lucas Miles Vintage 63 Vibroverb amplifer is modelled on one of Leo Fenders most revered masterpieces , the 63 Brownface Vibroverb. 

Handwired t'out point to point with cotton sheath wiring for optimum signal transfer, with components laid out on fibreboards - vintage style .The techniques used capture and faithfully create the beautiful vintage tone associated with vintage American amps.

Utilising Synergy Royal Blue capacitors in critical coupling and tone stages, Mercury Magnetics O/P transformer driving 2 x Jensen 10" Ceramic  speakers, the sound is true vintage Brownface tone. 

The cabinet is made from furniture grade birch ply and finished in a rugged brown tolex.



-35watts into 4 ohms.
-2 x Jensen C10Q 30w spkrs.
-carbon comp resistors t’out
-nos allan bradley 1w power resistors
-synergy royal blue  vintage capacitors in critical coupling/signal/tone stages
-sprague atom filter capacitors
-mercury magnetics output transformer.
-svetlana 6l6gc  o/p tubes
-jj, tungsol, eh preamp tubes.
-sovtek 5ar4
-switchcraft jacks t’out.
-cabinet 18mm birch ply
-accutronics reverb tank.
-amp weight 24.2kg