Lucas Miles

Lucas Miles Vintage 63' Deluxe

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Lucas Miles Vintage 63' Deluxe
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The Lucas Miles Vintage 63' Deluxe

Our latest addition to our Vintage Collection, modeled on the 63 Brownface Deluxe ... Keith Richards favourite amp. This little beauty oozes gritty brownface tones, wind her up and she snarls with gloroius harmonic overtones.

Check out her internals , point to point handwired construction with boutique components , vintage correct,  ..will give many years of reliable robust service.


-20watts into 8 ohms.
-1 x jensen p12n spkr.
-carbon comp resistors t’out
-nos allan bradley 1w power resistors
-synergy royal blue capacitors in critical coupling/signal/tone stages
-sprague atom filter capacitors
-mercury magnetics output transformer.
-eh 6v6 o/p tubes
-jj, tungsol, eh preamp tubes.
-sovtek 5ar4
-switchcraft jacks t’out.
-cabinet 18mm birch ply.
-amp weight 15.3 kg


"Have played it a fair bit today and it is fantastic.  Compared to the blues jnr, it is just chalk and cheese.  Nice and articulate, solid sound and solid construction.  Haven’t tried any pedals through it yet but I am sure it will come up well."  J. Luscombe    Bentleigh VIC.

"Hi dean ..Amp went great - nice and responsive to touch and breaks up nicely! It  has a very sweet and present mid range that I’ve been wanting for years in Fender style amps. It’s Great for electric archtop guitars when other amps often make the low strings too boomy and the high strings thin. .. Sam Lemann St.kilda VIC.


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    Posted by john on 9th Aug 2023

    Unboxed, the quality of the presentation is immediate and impressive. They may be minor things, but for example, the length of the power chord and tremolo pedal cable are generous, indicating there is no cost cutting going on here. The tight bottom end is instantly noticeable and as it winds up it maintains string definition and blooms with an attitude that can move effortlessly between shimmering cleans and an aggressive growl. It sounds like you have just started playing in high definition colour. There are plenty of demo’s of amps, but they just demo the guitar and the amps, there are not many that demo the amps performance in a live mix, so I was keen to test its gig performance. I was confident enough to gig it without a rehearsal or sound check. I tuned up, set the volume and tone and didn’t need to touch it again all night. I could get exactly what I wanted just using my guitars volume and tone pots and from fingers and pick attack. Its definition and dynamics was astonishingly good, to the extent that I kept turning to look at the amp to smile at it! This amp is testament to the craftsmanship, attention to detail and dedication to quality and authenticity in its build and parts. If your are wondering whether it is worth the investment and the wait, well, your amp is where the rubber hits the road.