Lucas Miles Vintage Tweed Bandmaster 5E7

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23.60 KGS
$70.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
Lucas Miles Vintage Tweed Bandmaster 5E7


Lucas Miles Vintage 5E7 Tweed Bandmaster

How does it sound , rich, even &  beautiful  breakup when driven.

The build like all our amps is boutique,handwired point to point ,spare no expense, no compromise  and fine tuned to delight the ears....

Component wise... Synergy , Jupiter, Sprague Atom capacitors, Mercury Magnetic O/P transformer, Jensen p10r spkrs, carbon comp resistors ,CTS pots, cotton sheath wiring......vintage correct , to get that sound.

NOTE: April 2020 Cabinets are now available in finger jointed pine with genuine cloth tweed covering with shellac coating. Then relic'd if required. 


Jan 2019 "I just wanted to say I am really enjoying the Bandmaster. I used it live with one of the bands I play in back in December, and it sat really well in the mix, and I just used it with my proper band and my effects rack. The amp sounds great, it took all my effects perfectly - delay, germanium boosts, bigmuff, phasers. It really brings out the subtleties of my different guitars, my Strat and Tele sound fantastic, chimey and clear pm cleans, and dirty and bluesy when I crank the natural overdrive in the amp. Even my Iommi Special which has really dark humbuckers sounds great, chimey on the cleans and really thick organic overdrive when you crank the amp, and even better when I push it with a booster. My bandmates commented on how 'clear and natural' my different guitars sound! " A.Goldberg VIC


 "I'm a very happy customer with the Bandmaster.  Been playing it all week and have settled in.  I love the breakup.  The tone stack (hope I'm using the right term) EQs are fantastic for tweaking the edges of distortion, I love it."  K.Buscombe..VIC. 


-25 watts

-3 x jensen p10r 25W Alnico spkrs

-synergy  vintage signal & tone capacitors

-sprague atom filter & cathode bypass capacitors

-mercury magnetics o/p transformer & choke

-carbon comp resistors t'out

-nos allen bradley power resistors

-tungsol pre & pwr tubes

-cabinet 19mm radiata pine with finger joints