Lucas Miles Vintage 65' Deluxe Reverb

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Lucas Miles Vintage 65' Deluxe Reverb


Lucas Miles Vintage 65 Deluxe Reverb

"I am loving it. The clarity on the attack is that classic "bell" tone. Good speaker choice - gives good balance on the low end and nice chime. When it gets dirtier as it turns up it is still so musical and open.
The trem and reverb are much nicer sounding than any I have heard, including older DR's.
I was toying with the newer Silverface 68 reissue, which does sound pretty good. But this definitely blows it away, and means I don't have to have a PCB based amp!
Very very impressed Dean." Ian Robertson. Pennant Hills. NSW

"Hi Dean, was nice meeting you. Am very impressed with the Deluxe, so much goodness in one little package! I haven't been able to stop playing it since I got home and you have just nailed it with that perfect balance of sweet and snarl that the 65' is renowned for. Can't wait to use it at the next gig!" Scott Te Paa..Taralgon .VIC

 "People are talking about your amps on guitar forums and I can see why !
Your amps just spill out sweet rich tones that are pleasing to my ear. I played through reissues when I was studying music and they've got nothin on your amps.
The quality of the build is second to none, that's why I have two ! -  D.Robinson . Carlton Nth.  VIC

 "Deluxe Reverb going great..a real pleasure to play"  Andrew Mc. Gardenvale


Modelled on the 65' Blackface Deluxe Reverb , one of the sweetest guitar amps ever made , this little beauty faithfully recreates 25 watts of the sweetest singing tones you'll ever hear.

Handwired t'out point to point with cotton sheath wiring for optimum signal transfer, with components laid out on fibreboards - vintage style .The techniques used capture and faithfully create the beautiful vintage tone associated with vintage American amps.


-25watts into 8 ohms.
-1 x weber 12f150 spkr.
-carbon comp resistors t’out
-nos allan bradley 1w power resistors
-sozo vintage tone capacitors in critical coupling/signal/tone stages
-sprague atom filter capacitors
-mercury magnetics oversized output transformer.
-eh 6v6 o/p tubes
-jj, tungsol, eh preamp tubes.
-sovtek 5ar4
-switchcraft jacks t’out.
-cabinet 18mm birch ply
-accutronics reverb tank.
-amp weight 21.2 kg