Lucas Miles Custom Deluxe

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Lucas Miles Custom Deluxe


LM Custom Deluxe

Modeled on the 65' Deluxe Reverb, with a slightly different voicing than our stock 65 style Blackface Deluxe Reverb, we utilise Jupiter Vintage Tone caps in critical coupling / signal transfer stages. The Jupiter Vintage Tone capacitors are modeled on the Yellow  Astrons found in vintage american amps of the 50's and 60's.There sound is natural and even and full of vintage tone. To compliment the amp we use a Jensen P12N Alnico vintage series speaker .The end result is a beautifully balanced sound, nice even lows and mids with a smooth, refined top end. 

Handwired t'out point to point with cotton sheath wiring for optimum signal transfer, with components laid out on fibreboards - vintage style .The techniques used capture and faithfully create the beautiful vintage tone associated with vintage American amps.


-25watts into 8 ohms.
-1 x jensen P12N 50w spkr.
-carbon comp resistors t’out
-nos allan bradley 1w power resistors
-jupiter vintage tone capacitors in critical coupling/signal/tone stages
-sprague atom filter capacitors
-mercury magnetics oversized output transformer.
-tungsol 6v6 o/p tubes
-jj, tungsol, eh preamp tubes.
-sovtek 5ar4
-switchcraft jacks t’out.
-cabinet 18mm birch ply
-accutronics reverb tank.
-amp weight 19.5kg