Lucas Miles Vintage 65' Princeton Reverb

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 Lucas Miles Vintage 65' Princeton Reverb


Lucas Miles Vintage 65 Princeton Reverb

"My Lucas Miles Princeton amp is just fantastic mate. I can’t praise your work highly enough. It brings the best out of my guitars and therefore out of my playing. So many amps I play through give disappointing results and I often feel they are hindering rather than helping me to get the tone I want. What you’ve delivered here hits the spot no matter which guitar I plug into it. Whether hum-bucker or single-coil it’s perfect and even my acoustic instruments sound amazing through it - that’s a big deal for a tube amp! There is simply not an unpleasant frequency to be found in this thing. I don’t know how you did it but congratulations … looking forward to taking this baby along to many more gigs. Bravo!"......Geoff Achison 

"The amp is going great, the sound it puts out is exceptional. When I had a Fender reissue I couldn't turn it up to stage volume without the top end becoming overly brittle, regardless of EQ, but this one just sounds better and better the higher up you go - like it should - and I've not been told to turn it down at all, which is a great sign. " ..J. Argent-Jones VIC

 "I had been looking for an affordable, good condition vintage Princeton for sometime.   If only I had found Lucas Miles amps earlier I could have saved a lot of time.   My LM 65 Princeton is now my main amp, whether I'm plugging in my jazz archtop or Telecaster.   The sound easily matches the quality of tone from my genuine early 60s Fender Vibrolux.   The workmanship is high quality.   I would recommend a Lucas Miles amp to anyone...and I already have!".......Pierre Jaquinot . VIC

"after playing various Fender's for the last 20 yrs, I've finally found the sound that I've been looking for..."  A. Maxey . Elwood VIC.

"its sounds amazing, its a wonderful amp..."   C. Parkinson .   Adelaide SA.


Modelled on the 65' Blackface Princeton Reverb, this Lucas Miles Vintage Series amplifier faithfully replicates the sound of another of Leo Fenders masterpieces.

Handwired t'out point to point with cotton sheath wiring for optimum signal transfer, with components laid out on fibreboards - vintage style .The techniques used capture and faithfully create the beautiful vintage tone associated with vintage American amps



-15watts into 8 ohms.
-1 x weber 10" 25w spkr.
-carbon comp resistors t’out
-nos allan bradley 1w power resistors
-synergy vintage tone capacitors in critical coupling/signal/tone stages
-sprague atom filter capacitors
-mercury magnetics output transformer.
-eh 6v6 o/p tubes
-jj, tungsol, eh preamp tubes.
-eh 5u4g rectifier
-switchcraft jacks t’out.
-cabinet 18mm birch ply
-accutronics reverb tank.
-amp weight 15.6 kg