Lucas Miles 64' Vibroverb style amp

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Lucas Miles 64' Vibroverb style amp

For all the SRV aficionados we present the 64 Blackface style Vibroverb

Modelled on the 64 Blackface Vibroverb with AB743 circuitry , its handwired t'out point to point , components laid out on fibreboards..vintage style. Utilising Sozo blue molded capacitors in critical coupling and tone stages, Mercury Magnetics O/P transformer driving a Weber 15" Alnico speaker  , the sound is true vintage Blackface tone. Crank it up and you'll hear those tones bristle with sustain and harmonics. Rated at 40 watts.

July 2019 " Dean, what you have built, as far as amplifiers and music goes, deserves to be thought of as a form of elevated artistry, this amp really is wondrous pure tone through and through. Its been a month since arriving here with me in New Zealand, and honestly, each day I am drawn to its inspiring reach and capacity to deliver notes back to me at such a lavish depth. Do I love this amp? Well after having almost all the reissued vintage Fender amps, this 64 Vibroverb of yours has finally brought a huge amount of resounding satisfaction to my musical life, yes I do love this divine amplifier!"  Kurt Yates NZ.